wwwwwoooowwwwww ,cant immagine how the same guy that you are talking about got me , today in the afternoon . in novi michigan , he said that he had to go and catcdh his flight and he doesnt want to pay taxes on them in milano , he was begging me to buy them for $950 first then he went down to $300 for like 5 jackets .

i bought them , they look really nice but after i googled them , the first thing that came up was this link for pissed.com . Never thought that doing somebody a favor these days is unpleasant but from now on no more .

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Now working the same scam in Naples / Fort Myers, Florida

Riverside, California, United States #1260615

Same thing happened to me in Corona Del Mar, CA

Obviously is a ring of these guys doing the same scam all over the country

Believable and personable.

Wonder when they'll end up in jail!

Ankeny, Iowa, United States #1233083

Same story today from Des Moines, IA. In front of La Tapatia supermarket on E14th.

End up pay $450 for 6 jackets, he gave Hugo boss (made in India) as an extra. Cost me $75/jacket


Same scam, Des Plaines, IL. On his way ot O'Hare, no english, $250 for 3 jackets and a suit. Seems like a lot of work and inventory for a scam!


That same jokester just tried to hustle me in Palm Springs CA. I Google his label to see if they were really $750 jackets like he said and showed him some listed on ebay for $70. Then I sent him on his way.


ohhh man guess i am the latest victim, same guy in Chicago suburb with same story this afternoon. Glad i only paid $150 for 4 jacket however wish if i had googled once before pay - i totally look like an ***.

I am sure there are bunch of guys out there with same story coz I found different people in you tube videos telling same story... jackets looks good though.


I was just scammed for 960.00 for 7 jackets. Same story about airport, don't want to pay taxes on them, blah, blah, blah.

I never have cash in me, and I never have bought anything armani, so it was a perfect storm. Thought I was getting a good deal. Grape-squashing, war-losing, spaghetti-slurping, wine-sipping little ***!!!!

Tom's River, NJ. Guy gets around.....


OH NO! I bought 6 for 370 right now same story of the bank, I hope I can sell them at least for $100.00 each in Austin Tx.


Wow I was in cicero il and this guy pulled up at the bank where I was coming out and offered me four for $350.. They looked nice and expensive and fit really well so I bought them..

Same story "returning home, wants to get rid to not pay taxes, showed me his plane ticks and pass" he was nice. Didn't know they were FAKE tho.. They still look nice tho lol.. Can't believe some of you got 6 for $200 tho!!

P.S. If I ever see him again, I'm mobbing him(:


Wow he was just in Chicago. Niles by luthern general Hospital.

Sold me one for 100!!!!! Life is nothing but lessons


Today he was in Warsaw, IN sold me 1 woman's for 499.99 but he was giving 3 men's for free. Looked it up after I gave him the money and he sped off in his dark green fiat. He said he'd be back in December but I'm hunting this guy down currently

to Anonymous #1110715

im also from warsaw, in some pudgy guy in a green fiat claiming he is only here on a trip. pay for the guys get the womans free.

500 is what i paid.

watch out. im also hunting green fiats.

Laurel, Maryland, United States #638560

Just yesterday I ended up paying $160 for five jackets from a socalled Italian model who gave me the same story. I almost paid $250 but never had enough money in my checking account.


i bought a GA leather jacket today in a vintage market for 10 pounds.. i dont care if its fake :P it looks fine


Ok so same guy... Gave me 9 jackets for $600




same story....bothell, wa...holes in his story...so no deal


As A guy came said he was a designer and tgst he needed to go back to Italy and that he had nice leather jackets abd he didnt want to pay taxes at the airport .so he was trying to sellthen and he kept lowering the proce even when i said no

And i bought them


Samething happened to my husband. But my husband said he didn't buy them, that the Italian guy was gonna come back in a month to get his stuff back.

I said; " Ok but U didn't give him any $". Then my husband said he did cuz It was a down payment so the italian guy wouldn't think we were gonna riped him off.. I was so mad at the time cuz he gave him $350 and our ph# and almost our address. I was this is not righ Well so far nobody has come back to pick up the stuff.

Cuz this was a scam. Oh well we lost $$ but we have 5 jackets. And I seen other postings like this and even if you call police they don't do anything. Boo for police!

police said that they can sell whatever they want and if no proof they doing scam...

bla bla bla... :x


I saw this *** in cartierville montreal at 12:45 pm today be careful the same he was italian

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