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I happened to me early today 6/8/17. In Kroger parking lot, the guy said that his name is Anthony from Italy and he is here for fashion convention( he showed me his business card).

He said he is going to fly back Italy this evening. But because of the tax is high to carry 4 jackets back, so he wanted to give away his 4 Jackets and asking to help $274 for his the Avis Rental Car. I felt suspicious but he appeared as a nice guy and I said I give him $100 for 4 jackets. But he asked for more so I did end up giving him $115.

When he drove away, I find out the bag only have 2 Jackets, not 4 Jackets like he showed me earlier. Well, this is a lesson learned for me that I thought that I know the price of Jackets, but I still got scammed for quantity.

So, please stay away from this Italian Jacket's scam. the guy look like this post: I found this page that he appears the same guy.

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It happened to yesterday at China markets on walnut st Dallas I paid $500 for 7 fake jacket

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